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"A lot has been written about organisational transformation and leadership skills. Douglas McEncroe has had a long and successful career consulting on both. He has now delivered his ideas in a very useful book, using the interesting and clever analogy of slow cooking.


In my career in stockbroking and as a company director I have seen successful-sounding strategies fail to be implemented, usually due to the lack of depth in leadership.


I commend this book as I think it makes a very worthwhile contribution to help improve leadership in organisations."


Peter Burrows, AO, Senior Adviser,

Bell Potter Securities

“How insights gained from the art of cooking can improve leaders and the organisations they run”

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"Only a great professional in human resources and an accomplished cook such as Douglas could have devised such an illuminating comparison between leadership and cooking, which provides pleasure as well as insight to the reader"

Francisco Román,

CEO, Vodafone Spain; former CEO, Microsoft Spain

Because it helps any manager who needs to lead people be more effective.


Because you will learn things about the true nature of leadership.


Because you can see how to create true conversations that are capable of changing your organisation.


Because every chapter concludes with practical tips on how to improve your leadership.


Because when you finish the book you will understand more about how to get commitment from the people who work in your organisation.

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